The new way to buy and sell vintage, collectible and antique items with ease. Start unearthing hidden gems today!

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Skavnger is an innovative idea for satisfying the needs of a sharing society. Hundreds of thousands of people (Sellers) are downsizing or de-cluttering. Free spirited people (Skouts) are looking to be their own boss. A huge number of people (Collectors) are searching for auction quality items at garage sale prices. Our unique Skavnger App links these people to satisfy their needs.

It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN situation.

Introducing the ‘skout’

Being a Skout is easy, fun, convenient, adventurous and profitable. The only skill you need is how to use the camera on the phone you’ve already got in your hand.

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Easy Money

You take photos all the time with your phone; why not make money while you are doing it.

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Quick as a flash

Your uploaded photos are immediately made available to thousands of Collectors.

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Works like magic

Skavnger uses AI to help Skouts post an item in a category from pre-selected choices.


Find Cool Stuff. Take Pics. Get Paid.

We are looking for 1,000 people who want to enter our Skavnger Skout Pilot Program. To entice you we are offering $1.00 USD for every post that qualifies in addition to the reward you will get when the item you post sells. Think about it, 10 posts equal $10 + your rewards, and 100 posts equal $100 + your rewards. It adds up fast. In fact, you could be making $20.00 an hour or more once you get the hang of it. Have you got what it takes?

Auction House Items. Garage Sale Prices.

Skavnger gives you access to inventory from across the US that you will likely never find otherwise.

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Unearth hidden gems

Skavnger gives you access to the attics, basements, and garages across the country.

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Bag a bargain

One person’s junk is another’s treasure. Skavnger reinvents the real deal.

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People power

An army of Skouts find items, take pictures, and post them. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.